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Does your website bring you new clients?

Whether you are a consulting firm, home services provider, or therapy practice, if you sell services and need to improve your website, you are in the right place. Mighty provides website consulting and design services to help you find new clients more easily. Our Smarter SEO package gets you started off right. With 20+ years' experience, we know it's about more than just a good-looking website, it's about measurable results. Call us to schedule your 10-point web audit ($149) or click here to LEARN MORE »

Is your website modern and mobile-friendly?

Our clients are very good at what they do. And most of them don't have the time (or the team members) to learn web technology and make their old website look good on a phone. That's where Mighty can help. After we convert your website to a mobile-friendly format, we train you how to edit your page content (it's easy!) and then WE can take care of all of the technical stuff and to keep your site looking great and loading fast. When you are ready to really grow we are here to help you make smart choices in your online marketing, and can get you started right with SEO and social media marketing. LEARN MORE »

Are you using Facebook to market your services?

If you are like most of our clients, you are probably wondering where to start with social media marketing — and if it's even worth your time and effort. We know the rules for what works for service businesses. And we know how to use Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising to drive traffic back to your website so new customers can find you. Together we come up with a strategy unique to your business and target market, and figure out how to implement a campaign that is likely to deliver the most value. After all, it's always about the ROI.  LEARN MORE »

Are you ready for more clients?

We do more than build WordPress websites — we help your business to grow.

Great websites for consulting firms and health professionals should bring in business and free you and your team up to do the work that you do best. An effective website should attract, inform and engage your perfect prospects 24/7. We can help. We design and build hard-working websites that:

    • look professional (and classically beautiful)
    • are mobile-friendly and responsive
    • are google-friendly and SEO-optimized
    • allow you to easily blog, and link to your social channels
    • capture your visitor's email address so you can stay top of mind

Coffee_with_Mighty_smWant to meet in person? 
Join us for "Coffee with Mighty" and marketing expert, Heather Cox along with a group of inspired business owners. Set your marketing goals and get some friendly advice on how to use your website to find new clients. View details »

Responsive WordPress Theme

Who knew getting a new website could be so easy?

A website is more than design and technology

What content should you put on your home page? What email service should you use? How can you help people to better know, like and trust you? Most importantly, how can you reach more of the people you want to serve — so you can grow? With our Strategic SEO package, we teach you three simple rules about how to market online.

  1. Clarify exactly what services you sell, and exactly whom your perfect client is.
  2. Design and build a better website
  3. Optimize your new website so you can attract, inform and engage more (and better) clients.

And while a website is absolutely critical to market online, we can also help with your other marketing needs, including:

  1. Brand positioning (See our Marketing Jam Session »)
  2. Logo design
  3. Writing web content
  4. SEO (onsite and/or offsite) and PPC
  5. Writing blog articles
  6. Filling your social channels to drive traffic to your website
  7. Social media advertising
  8. Ongoing website updates or website customization (so you don't have to do this)
  9. Brochure design (by our print division: MillerCox Design)
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The Power Conference – Women Doing Business

August 25, 2016
Presenter: Heather Cox and Eva Jannotta

New websites and Facebook marketing: Will they really bring you more clients?

How do you know when to invest in a website upgrade? Should you invest your energy in Facebook marketing? And will any of this bring you more business? Join industry experts Heather Cox and Eva Jannotta for an honest discussion that is ideal for entrepreneurs, both fresh and seasoned, who are wondering what to do next to improve their online…

Great WordPress websites — at a reasonable cost.

Why Mighty?

Just about every professional service firm that wants to grow will eventually need a better website. Did you know that all WordPress themes are not created equal. Most developers do not stand behind the themes they "buy" and this makes it hard to get ongoing support — as you may already know. The Mighty team thinks differently. If you are on a tight budget and a fast timeline, our semi-custom theme is gorgeous and launches fast. For our clients with bigger budgets and longer timelines, our designers and coders can create fully-customized site designs for your business.

Need a speaker in Maryland or Washington DC on web design strategy? Heather is available to speak at area events. Learn More »

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What are you waiting for?

Who knew a new website could be so easy? Call us today at (240) 221-3260 to find out how easy it can be to get a new website. Our team builds websites from our offices in Maryland, from our offices in Rockville and Silver Spring, just north of Washington DC. We are members of the American Marketing Association, EODC (as an accelerator), NAWBO, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Her Corner, and the Rockville Chamber of Commerce.

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Mighty Tips Blog

Visual design tells a lot about your services

Posted by Heather Cox
After earning my degree in Economics I figured out what I really should have majored in: I wanted to be a graphic designer. Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. I always had a knack for putting things meticulously in order. And this is the mark of a great designer. Great designers are exacting in craftsmanship. They sweat the details. In websites today, visual design is “bought”. Web developers purchase feature-rich WordPress themes. With a ready-made design, developers can get a website up and running fast, and skip the design step. The trouble is, once you start to dig in you realize how hard it is to customize ...READ MORE »
Here is what our customers are saying!

My website was really important to my consulting business, one in which first impressions mean everything. I was unhappy with my website design, because it was dated and not mobile friendly. And I was very overwhelmed at the thought of making changes to it. When I talked to other web designers I'd gotten wildly varying price points and timelines. I found out about the Mighty Little Web Shop and immediately loved how they would take care of it all — the marketing strategy, the design, the development, the implementation, and all at a price point I could understand and afford. The process went very, very smoothly. Their web design team was extremely responsive, so I never had to sit around and wait for answers. My new WordPress website went live much earlier than I anticipated. And best of all, I love it. Even better: Since it's been live, I've gotten so much more traffic and my phone is ringing. My only remaining question is: what took me so long?! Thanks, Mighty Little Web Shop!

K. Persellin, joyfulcloset.com

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