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As a business owner, what you really want from your website is more clients.

The problem is that competition has increased and 80% of all websites fail to bring in new clients. To be competitive in today’s environment — you need more than a sleek design. You need a way to attract great prospects and turn them into new clients.


At Mighty, we work with medium-size businesses to raise their marketing game. We design strategic websites, create and manage digital advertising campaigns, develop automated email drip campaigns, and launch blogs that attract new prospects. Our services transform your sleepy marketing programs into lead-generating machines. Call 301.933.4062 to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.

Web Packages

Whether you are a startup with big aspirations, a mid-size nonprofit looking to increase donations, or an established professional services firm working to gain market share, we have a website design package that fits your organizational goals and your budget. With over 15 years of experience in web marketing, our team has an uncommon commitment to making sure you get results from your investment.

Marketing Automation

Have you noticed that your scattershot attempts at marketing don’t seem to be bringing in the right kinds of clients? Our marketing automation services allow you to do what you do best — run your business — while we develop a sales funnel that will attract and nurture prospects — and build your list of clients and customers.

Facebook Advertising

Have you been wondering how to leverage the new Facebook Ad platform and reach 2.5 billion prospects when they are relaxing, scrolling and liking through their feed? Whether you are looking for a done-for-you ad campaign or expert training for your team, we can help.

Joyful Closet — Brand Messaging, Web Design & Development

“I had an outdated and unexciting website that I felt did not reflect well on my business. I needed a new site but was overwhelmed with the idea of getting it done. When I met Heather Miller Cox and the folks at Mighty Little Web Shop, I thought their services would be the answer to my prayers, and I was right. Heather is the real deal! She has serious expertise and I could trust her judgment as we went through the process of developing my new site. Best of all, the process was smooth and easy. She answered my questions patiently and made sure I was happy at each stage in our work together. And the best part is that the resulting website is really client-attractive.”
-Ketura Persellin

WinBiz Proposals — Web Strategy, Design & Development

“Our business works with government contractors, so we needed a professional website that still reflected our personality. I certainly didn’t have the time (or expertise) to create one myself. Heather and the Mighty team were highly-qualified and ensured that my new website did what I needed it to do: tell our story and attract new customers. Their services were simple, straightforward and very affordable. Now I have a business website that is easy-to-update and looks great. Thanks Mighty!”
-Jennifer Adeli

Heal-from-Within — Web Strategy, Design & Development

“The Mighty Little Webshop built me a great new website: it is well organized, informative, visually pleasing and easy to update. The process went smoothly, and the Mighty team asked me a ton of questions about what I do and why, and helped me to clearly define my target audience. This helped me to also refocus my other marketing efforts, including social media. Building my website with the Mighty team has made my marketing and sales process more efficient and my practice more productive, because now my web presence is so much more effective.”
-Lisa Eaves

DB Consultants — Brand Design, Brand Messaging, Web Design & Development

“My company hired Mighty Little Web Shop and I am happy to report that they did a mighty great job! After a decade of website neglect, Heather brought us into the modern era and created a professional website design for our software compnay. Heather was succinct and to the point, which was important to me as a busy executive. The process was easy and produced excellent results. In a very short time we have already generated new clients. It is clear that Mighty has all the right players in all the right places to get the job done. Plainly put? Heather is the real deal! We are going to rebrand all of our print marketing with Mighty as well.”
-Russ Thompson

Mansfield Fellows — Nonprofit Web Design & Development with Membership Module

“We are a small operation, but we oversee a significant professional exchange program. A strong web presence became absolutely critical to our recruitment efforts, and Mighty was an ideal partner from the start. Our needs were high and we had to perform a quick turnaround on our new website. From the beginning, Heather took a full audit of our online footprint. She brought great ideas to the table throughout the project, was insanely responsive to our demands and suggestions, and honest with her feedback. In the end, we achieved very impressive results thanks to the Mighty team.”
-Joshua Archer

CEO Vision LLC — Brand Messaging, Web Design & Development

“I love that I’m finding work right in my sweet spot! I was able to use a LOT of language from the website that we developed together — I can’t tell you how good that felt, and how much easier these calls are now that I have my new website up.”
-Ellyn McKay

Almsink — Web Design & Development

“What was especially nice about working with Heather was that she was not only a creative designer but an expert at WordPress. Before working with Heather, I had created my own site, which took weeks of frustrating labor resulting in a serviceable but not a very good website. Now that we are finished with the site she designed and set up, I have a site that makes me happy every time I look at it, works perfectly for my needs and allows me to easily remove and add content. It was clear that Heather had my best interests at heart and made sure to understand what I wanted and needed from the site.”
-Sherry Alms

Mindful Mentor — Brand design, Web design & development

“The Mighty folks understood viscerally what I needed, and they respected my point of view, while gently guiding me to current best practice in web sites. In short order they had created what I so wanted – a clean, stylish and professional site that was affordable. They also trained me over the phone so that I could easily update my website content.
They’re lovely to deal with – kind, competent and organized – and very supportive of small businesses. I also like the fact that there’s room to grow with them, and as my coaching practice expands the Mighty team is available for revisions and additional assistance, which makes it easy because they already understand my business and website. They made my coaching practice look professional and made it easy for people to find me online, allowing me to focus my energies on helping my clients.”
-Eva MacLeod


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