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Have you been wondering why your website isn’t generating any leads? Here are 7 tactics that will improve your website marketing right away.

  1. Tell people what to do when they visit your home page. For visitors who are ready to buy now, give them a phone number. For visitors who visit after hours, give them an easy to fill out form. For visitors who are still shopping around, give them something valuable to download that will educate them about choosing a service provider, in exchange for their email address.
  2. Present a clear value proposition. How is your service offering unique? Precisely what value do you deliver? Spell it out front and center on your home page. Educate visitors on how your firm will deliver the highest value.
  3. Offer social proof. Let your current clients sing your praises. You don’t need a lot of testimonials, just a few on your homepage slider. Videos are the gold standard.
  4. List a few FAQs. This is a great catch-all and allows you to answer all of the questions that you wish your clients would ask.
  5. Install HTTPS. All website URLs should start with https these days. Otherwise, chrome may block your website and display a warning message instead. If you don’t have https yet, keep an eye on your site to ensure it is still displaying correctly.
  6. Make it Mobile-friendly. How does your website look on a smartphone? Test it to ensure that it is easy to read, and easy to interact with. You want visitors to be able to click your address and bring up google maps or click your phone number to instantly call you.
  7. Offer an easy first step: Suggest a get-acquainted call, free audit, or no-obligation consultation on your homepage to get your phone to ring.

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