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I know you are busy. While being “busy” is a great problem to have in the business world, it can hinder how we prioritize and move through those “I’ll get to it” tasks we set aside until, well…we almost never “get” to them. If one of these tasks is starting your newsletter, because you know that your newsletter will help you stay in touch with all of your busy prospects, here are 7 tips to help move you forward:

  1. Provide a call to action. Have a goal with every newsletter, and align this goal with your business goals. Make it clear what you want your reader to do.
  2. Reuse and recycle. My newsletter is often pretty much the same as my blog post. I post to my blog (for Google) and then send it via MailChimp as my newsletter for subscribers who don’t want to visit my website everyday for marketing tips.
  3. Let subscribers opt in. Email marketing is permission-based. If you don’t get permission, your newsletter could be marked as spam and your list will have a low open rate and a high cost. Considering offering a list of tools/resources as a lead magnet.
  4. Short and helpful. Make the content valuable by sharing what you know and always adding value.
  5. Mobile-friendly. Email Service Providers (ESPs) offer mobile-friendly templates. A single column format with a simple design makes mobile-friendly easy.
  6. Queue up. Get a few newsletters ahead so you never fall behind.
  7. Just start. Start this week, and then make it better. You do not benefit from what you don’t launch. A great list starts with just one name.

So, when are you going to launch your newsletter? Now? Tomorrow? Next week? Don’t let the process intimidate you. Brainstorm ten topics, calendar the dates, choose an ESP, and create a signup form on your website. If you need some more guidance or would just like to chat, we are always here to help.

Is email marketing one of those tasks that never makes it off your to-do list? Don't over think it - here are seven tips to get you started email marketing.