7 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Writing Web Copy - Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services


If you are like many small business owners, you manage as much of your marketing as possible, and you are doing your best to write page content for your website yourself. Is your website working to help you attract and engage new clients? If not, maybe it’s your website copy.

In order for your website to produce great results, your copy needs to immediately identify a way to solve your customers’ problems. Whether this is to save them money in taxes, incorporate their business, or help them to accomplish complex strategic goals, you have to understand what they are struggling with in order to connect with them online.

These 7 Mistakes lead to web page content that is boring, fails to engage your website visitors and causes your prospective clients to search for similar services elsewhere, because they just aren’t “feeling it.”

Let’s look at these 7 Mistakes:

  • Not clearly explaining the services you sell
  • Talking about your qualifications and credentials without first showing you understand what your prospect is struggling with
  • Using buzzwords and jargon to sound smarter, but instead confusing your visitor
  • Not identifying the problem you solve before talking about your solution
  • Using pictures or images that are inappropriate, low-quality, or cliché
  • Not including reassurances, such as testimonials or certifications
  • Hiding or obscuring your call to action

Take a walk through your home page and see which of these mistakes you can correct. If you are not sure, give me a call and we can set up a 90-minute marketing jam session. Check it out here »