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The Mighty Little Web Shop Story

220 business websites, and counting...

My name is Heather Miller Cox and in 1997, I launched my first graphic design company, MillerCox Design. Right around 2010, website design and coding grew more complicated — and successful websites needed a more sophisticated approach. I continued to design printed materials until 2013, when I decided to focus only on branding and online marketing — and the Mighty Little Web Shop was born.

And with the launch of the Mighty Little Web Shop, I set a goal to build a better website. A website that paid for itself many times over.

Simplify and Streamline

I also set a goal to reduce the complexity and uncertainty around a website redesign. My clients wanted it to be simple and understandable. Over and over again, business owners have shared with me that their website took too long to build, cost more than they expected, and in the end, it wasn’t working to sell their services.

A website that pays for itself

My driving force is to help business owners who struggle every day to figure out how to bring in new clients and to meet payroll. These days my clients wonder if they should invest in print advertising, or attend that trade conference, or invest in PR or social media or SEO? These are the challenges that I help them to solve. Every day. We discuss the pros and cons of where to spend their marketing dollars so they can bring in more business.

I understand the ups and downs most business owners face

My freelance graphic/web design business did very well for many years, and then the recession hit. After 10 years of steady projects I found myself competing for work and writing proposals. A large part of the graphic design industry had commoditized and globalized.  It was then I knew that I needed to make marketing a priority to fill my pipeline. I began reading, studying, and attending conferences and business workshops. I read amazing books like E-Myth, Blue Ocean Strategy, Raving Fans, Referral of a LifetimeA Lean Startup, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and Good to Great. I dug deep to learn more everything I could about marketing and I attended over 200 hours of high-level marketing training in Connecticut with business owners from as far away as Australia. I sharpened my coding skills at the best web conference in DC. I attended sales and business development conferences in Nashville and New York. I joined EO as an accelerator where I learn from the best business minds. I attended 100-hour training programs on online marketing, facebook paid advertising and building effective sales funnels. I was determined to figure this out.

I figured out how to use my own website to bring in new customers.

When I started as a freelance graphic designer & web coder, I had no idea how to market or grow my business, and worked solely on referrals. When I set out on the path to market smarter and inevested in my online presence, my website brought in over $275,000 in new business — in 2 years.

My focus is now squarely on web marketing. I stopped trying to deliver every design service to any kind of client and focused on my passion: delivering world-class well-branded websites to service-based businesses who are serious about business development.

I start with my customer’s business goals in mind, craft a strategy, and architect websites that increase their revenue, help them hire top talent, or help them to form high-value strategic partnerships. Results matter. We focus on results.

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