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Top Ten Reasons

to work with the Mighty Little Web Shop...
  1. Results Matter — The team at Mighty has an uncommon commitment to ensuring that your website brings real results. While other firms talk about process and design, we are thinking about how to attract more visitors and turn them into customers.
  2. We understand marketing — And without a marketing strategy, your website might become a dust collector. We’ve been building websites since 1998 and we have learned what needs to happen to make a website successful — including strategy, design, technology, and automation.
  3. Mobile friendly — All of our clients enjoy mobile-friendly and fully-responsive website design that looks gorgeous on a phone, a tablet, and laptop and a desktop computer.
  4. We stick around — So many people call us because their previous web designer disappeared. We will always be available to help you figure out how to use and update your website after it launches: we stand behind our work.
  5. Next Steps — When we launch a website, we are here to help you take it to the next level — whether this is SEO, advanced strategy, or marketing automation, when you are ready to amp it up — we are here to help.
  6. Easy-to-update — We train every website owner how to upload content and update their website. WordPress makes it easy to keep things up to date and to post articles and share them with their future customers.
  7. WordPress is popular — Over twenty-five percent of the top ten million websites are built using WordPress — way more than any other content management system. This means that the technology powering your website will continue to get better every year.
  8. We Write — We know how to write website content that resonates with website visitors and persuades them into becoming new clients. Our focus is always on enhancing credibility and reputation and helping our clients close more sales, authentically.
  9. We understand design — Even if you aren’t a graphic designer, you know when something looks clean and sharp. We have design chops, and it shines through in the details of every website we work on. Your brand is important, and we make sure it looks polished and professional online.
  10. Transparent pricing and timing — After almost 20 years in the business, we understand the details. With our web packages, our clients know what they are investing in, when it will deliver, and how much it will cost.