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Here at the Mighty Little Web Shop, we have had a content marketing campaign in place for over a year now, although I’ve been reading about content marketing for over four years. What stopped me from implementing this earlier? Well, I wasn’t quite sure how it applied to my business. What kind of content should I create? What form should it take? And how exactly does this all work? Now that I have real-life experience in this, I’m sharing what I learned along the way and how we use content marketing to grow our web design firm. My goal is that by sharing my experience, you might understand how this could work for you.


  1. What exactly is content marketing?

Content Marketing is creating and freely sharing my expertise with the goal of attracting the right kind of people to my website and converting them into paying customers.

  1. How does content marketing drive people to my website?

Every day I talk to people who need a new website, and they ask pretty much the same questions. So I create “content” that answers these questions. Google notices lots of fresh content and “indexes” my website so it shows up in Google when a person searches.

  1. What if someone finds my website, but they aren’t ready to buy yet?

On every single page of my website, including in the sidebar next to my blog articles, readers can sign up to receive my articles in their inbox. This helps me stay top of mind, so when they are ready to buy, they think of me first.

  1. What exactly is “content”?

For me, content means articles that I write and post in my blog. It is also text that appears on my web pages. Google can tell that my website is filled with helpful tips and tricks and processes, and it ranks me higher than someone who simply has sales information or an online resume website.

  1. What is the “marketing” part of content marketing?

Information is content, but my “call to action” makes it marketing. Depending where you are on my website, my call to action might be “sign up to receive more articles,” or “hit reply” (to send me an email), or “call me for a get-acquainted meeting.”

So now that I’ve explained what content marketing is, I’m letting you know that if you are a coach or consultant who needs a new website so you can launch your content marketing campaign, Mighty is here to help. (See how it works?)

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Remember, if you want the right people to find you online, helpful content will lead them to your website. These people are looking for information that solves their problem. If they find just a sales pitch, they will probably move on.

Content builds your credibility and trust, and is a path to more sales.

Did this answer your questions? If not, send me a note and let me know.


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