Digital Marketing Manager |

Digital Marketing Manager


To use your expertise in digital marketing to help small and medium-sized businesses attract well-qualified sales leads. To oversee and enhance Mighty’s marketing efforts, including all of our websites, social channels, blog and newsletter. To develop new sales funnels and other growth tactics to attract new clients to Mighty. To ensure that our brand is well-represented across all digital properties, and to convey the fact that Mighty is expert, thriving, reliable, and the best choice  for small to mid-size businesses. To conceive of and follow through with targeted marketing campaigns that drive more ideal client business for ourselves and our clients.


Client-facing project success

  • Begin working with Mighty clients to help them grow using digital marketing strategies and tactics that return a positive ROI within 6 months.

Significant list growth

  • Continue to grow a list of well-qualified prospects. Our list is growing by at least 20 names per week within 6 months of hire.
  • Increase website traffic and conversions that result in signing new $12k additional in monthly service engagements within 8 months of hire.

Promote our clients and their website launches

  • Create a feed that includes every past and current launch with a story about their business and a before and after of their website launch / working with us within 8 months of hire (approximately 25 websites).

Solid content marketing program in place

  • A full, healthy, relevant twice-monthly newsletter and weekly SEO-optimized blog article that is attracting inbound leads.
  • Four newsletters and eight blog posts are queued up in advance 45 days after hire.
  • Our articles are featured on relevant social channels to drive website traffic.

Ongoing engagement with influencers

  • Identify, monitor, comment, like and re-tweet/share other people’s content of interest and build a list of influencers. Maintain 4 to 1 ratio of sharing other people’s content. (or a mutually-agreed upon digital marketing strategy is in place within 2 months).

Identify, prepare for and attend events

  • Attend local and regional business networking events to boost brand awareness, educate prospects, and grow list. Share events on social channels.

Weekly reporting / meeting

  • To quantify and report on the success of your marketing efforts (both internally and client facing). To understand where leads are coming from and where we should put in more resources.


  • Reliability: Shows up at work every day with a positive attitude.
  • Enthusiasm: Loves marketing, and embraces new technology. Solutions-focused and creatively and proactively solves problems as they arise.
  • Business-focused: Your work helps us to grow, and our work helps our clients to grow. All of our decisions are made within this context.
  • Customer-focused: We promote the success or our customers and serve them in a way that ensures that they are our biggest supporters and raving fans.
  • Appropriate intellect: Ability to choose appropriate subject matter and make decisions that are in keeping with our core values.
  • Honesty and integrity: Speaks plainly and truthfully. Does what is right and does not cut corners ethically in creating and sharing content.
  • Attention to detail: High standards and a meticulous attitude towards the work you do. Never rushing and consistently producing error-free work.
  • Team-oriented: We work as a team at Mighty, and we support each other’s efforts. We pitch in and help when necessary to get our work done on time. We are not competitive with each other, and we are collaborative and help out.
  • Organization and planning: Able to prioritize, organize and plan effectively, and ability to track and meet internal and external deadlines. Able to organize marketing assets in an understandable way.
  • Follow through skills: Lives up to verbal and written agreements regarding quality and timing, despite obstacles that may come up.
  • Lifelong learner and motivated to develop professionally—coachable. You are self-motivated to learn and hone your skills as a marketing expert.
  • Work ethic: Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes put in extra hours to get the job done. Has a track record of working hard.
  • Calm under pressure leading up to events and other deadlines.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability as our priorities and workload changes.


  • SEO: Basic understanding of the strategy and rules of SEO, and how to identify and weave in keywords into website pages and blog posts. Basic understanding of GA and AdWords and ability to setup and manage campaigns that consistently show a positive ROI.
  • Social Media Savvy: High degree of comfort and thorough understanding of how to leverage appropriate social channels to drive business growth. Experience using the Facebook Ad platform and a willingness to continue to train.
  • Writing: Excellent writing skills (content and copywriting). Able to craft and write in appropriate brand voice. Also able to understand client businesses and write ads and sales copy that is professional and persuasive.
  • Technical: Understanding of how to navigate through the WordPress dashboard and basic HTML code.
  • Computer Skills: Understands how to use the Mac OS and Dropbox to create, name and store marketing assets/content in an organized way.
  • Web Applications: Familiarity with, or willingness to learn web applications including Teamwork, Contactually, DropBox, Slack, Hootsuite (or similar) and other technologies necessary to do your job efficiently.
  • Reporting: Understanding of Excel or Google Sheets, and the skills necessary to develop and track the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.
  • Marketing: Knowledge of effective marketing strategies and tactics that drive business growth for our prospects.
  • Process-Driven: Ability to codify workflows into understandable standard operating procedures. During the first 16 months of your position, you will need to continually develop and refine your marketing operating procedures. When you go on vacation, someone else will be able to read these procedures and get everything done efficiently and effectively.