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Case Study:

I met Ellyn when she came to my home on a cold and rainy night in the winter in 2014. She and eight other Her Corner members quickly realized what a brilliant business strategist she was. She had spent her career consulting and coaching CEOs and she helped them to clarify and articulate their imagined future. Her passion shown through as she helped each of us imagine our own futures. She doesn’t just love to do this kind of work, she HAS to do it. She can’t help herself. And her insights are dead on, every time.

Later that month she told me that when she was fortunate enough to be face-to-face with a CEO who most needed her help, she had no trouble sealing the deal. After all, she has years upon years of experience. The trouble was she couldn’t get in front of enough people to fill her consulting practice.

And she told me that her old website had become more of a liability than an asset. I took a peek and noticed that her page content was pretty good — except that is was broadly focused and I knew that people didn’t quite know if they were the right fit.

Looking for a shortcut, Ellyn hired an inexpensive intern, who needed to be very closely managed, and he didn’t bring much in the way of creative thinking to the table. He could follow directions, but Ellen wasn’t quite sure what directions to give him. In the end, the project was scrapped. Ellen needed some expert help with her website.

So she and I sat down and thought carefully about how best to explain the problems she solved, for the CEOs she most wanted to serve. And we untangled how she talked about her service offerings to make sure it was clear and understandable. And once this was done, bringing her new website to life was pretty easy.

We were able to get her new website launched quickly and painlessly. After we trained her how to update her page content, she could easily tweak her messaging and post helpful articles she had written. And now she doesn’t always have to be there, in person, to explain how she helps CEOs: her website can do the heavy lifting for her: it helps her prospects to know, like and trust her.

Her new website has given her credibility online. She now receives inquiries from a much higher level of clientele with confidence, knowing her website is answering all of the questions her prospects didn’t even think of asking.

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