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Google’s new rule: Why you can’t avoid getting a security certificate any longer

Google sure likes to keep things interesting. The latest: a security development that every web design company must know about if they want to avoid losing traffic.

On October 1, 2017, here’s what could await website owners: Your thriving and attractive website that pulls in new clients could be replaced with a big, red scary-looking warning message that says “Your connection is not private.” 

Here’s what’s happening

You’ve probably noticed that some websites seem safer-looking than others—and less vulnerable to the kind of hacking that can expose you to identity theft. Safe website addresses begin with “https,” which stands for “hypertext transfer protocol secure,” instead of the more common “http.” In Chrome, a safe website displays the word “secure” in green along with a lock icon in the nav bar. Websites without “https” may simply say “Info,” or even “Not secure.”

Google says about 50% of website pages are secure. But that means 50% are not secure.

What this means for you

You need to get a security certificate for your website, even if your site is not an e-commerce website. This is especially true if you have any kind of form that visitors fill out.

How to secure your site

To update your site so it meets this new Google standard, you’ll need to contact your web hosting provider. Installing SSL is super-important —your site won’t be considered secure and have that all-important https without it. Some web hosting companies make this a fairly straightforward process, and some do not.

Talk to your web developer to get this in place, so your online marketing will not miss a beat. If you’d like our help in setting this up, give us a ring at 301-933-4062.