How do you win more clients? - Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services

Last week, we talked about the importance of developing a business strategy to uncover new markets/customers or “blue oceans” while reducing costs and eliminating your competition.

Once you are clear on your strategy, you can begin to craft your “brand position”. So, Where do you shine? And how do you position your brand in relation to your competitor’s brand?

If you are still broadly positioned, then you probably have a lot of competition. Take some to to think about how your services are unique and irreplaceable. More simply put, think about what sets you apart from the pack (hint: it can’t be better “service”). If you are coming up empty on this, take some time to ask your clients and team members what they think makes your services special, and look for patterns. It’s often difficult to see ourselves clearly. What were your most enjoyable projects. Who are your favorite clients? Consider the business environment in your industry — where can you take advantage of significant opportunities? What are your most profitable projects? Use this information to connect the dots and begin to formulate your brand strategy. Once you are clear on what you sell, who you serve, and how you are remarkable, it becomes infinitely easier to write your website content and to market your services.

A strong brand identity builds your reputation. Keep in mind that brand positioning is much more than a logo. Your brand position identifies your mission and core values, which convey how your services are delivered, and how you manage your team. Your brand should also convey WHY you do the work you do — and how, in the end, your services are making a measurable difference to your clients. For instance, MillerCox (my other business) designs bespoke publications (like annual reports) for large nonprofit clients — and these publications help nonprofits to tell their stories, connect with their supporters and fulfill their mission. MillerCox wants their clients to be successful in solving the greatest social issues (this is “why” they do the work they do). The quality of their publication work and the niche that they serve is their brand position.

For the team at Mighty, we are all about supporting small businesses and our mission is to help them grow and thrive as a result of better SEO, branding, and web marketing. Our brand position differentiates us from the average “web designer” because we build websites for only professional services firms. Do you see the distinction? We all need to dig down and uncover WHY our work matters and who we most want to serve. This lays the groundwork of a great brand position.

Once your brand is established, it’s time for marketing tactics. Next week we will list ways you can use marketing to drive more business to your website. As always, email me at [email protected] to discuss this post, what you are working on, and how I can help!