How important is it to have an eye-catching website? - Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services

After earning my degree in Economics I figured out what I really should have majored in: I wanted to be a graphic designer.

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.

I always had a knack for putting things meticulously in order. And this is the mark of a great designer. Great designers are exacting in craftsmanship. They sweat the details.

In websites today, visual design is “bought”. Web developers purchase feature-rich WordPress themes. With a ready-made design, developers can get a website up and running fast, and skip the design step. The trouble is, once you start to dig in you realize how hard it is to customize and refine the design of a ready-made theme. And when you start replacing the gorgeous photos with your snapshots, the visual look starts to suffer — unless you have a designer on your team.

If you are thoughtful and careful about how you deliver your services, this can be conveyed visually on your web site through craftsmanship in design. Is your logo clean and simple? Do you smile and feel confident when you look at your website? Are your photos bright and cheery and do they portray your practice in a positive light: as a place a new patient or client would want to receive care? Does your website have a clean, modern aesthetic?

People understand visuals first, before they dig into the words. What do the visuals on your website tell them? 

There a thousands of WordPress templates. Most are not exacting in their design —especially when you start to look at the mobile versions. As you choose your next web partner, carefully review their portfolio, and ask how they approach design. Can they customize themes to meet your needs? Do they sweat the details?

Even if you work primarily on referrals, you can bet that there will be a website visit before your phone rings. And this is where strategy plays an equally important part. A pretty website is important, but it is a leaky bucket without strategy. Are you connecting with your prospect and connecting with them over their pain points? Are you telling them how you are uniquely qualified to solve their challenges. And are you telling them what to do next? (Call, email, or fill out your contact form). 

Yes, design matters. But strategy is equally important.

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