How to transfer a domain name - Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services

This week I volunteered to take over my local networking group’s website. And this required me to get control of the domain. It was pretty easy and here are the steps:

  1. The previous volunteer web person initiated the transfer from BlueHost.
  2. BlueHost sent me an email that read “WHOIS verification for Action required. ” Click the link below to verify this email address.
  3. Once I verified my email address, then the previous web person was able to send me the “EPP code”, which I need to register the domain name in my name.
  4. I went to (my preferred webhost) and opened a domain registration account. This cost me $14.95. I typed in the domain name that we were transferring and SiteGround asked me for the EPP code. I entered this and waited a few minutes.
  5. Next I received an email from SiteGround asking me again to verify that I really did want to transfer in this domain. I clicked the link in the email and the “authorization code” was requested. This is the EPP code so I entered it.
  6. Now I need to wait a few days until BlueHost releases it. The timing is in their hands. Once the transfer is complete, I can point the nameservers for this URL to show my new website. Yeah!

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