Is your home page working hard enough? - Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services

One of the most challenging pages on a website is the home page. From a marketing and SEO perspective, it’s definitely the most important.

I get this question a lot: What should I put on my home page? For my answer to this question, I decided to mix it up a bit and offer insights in a series of tips that will find their way to your inbox over the next few weeks. In upcoming posts, I will be going into detail about some strategies to consider, to make sure you are using your home page effectively. Here’s a quick peek at what’s to come — to get you thinking and to give you a chance to review your own home page.  Here’s what I recommend should be on your home page:

  1. Describe the challenges of your ideal prospect and use “you” focused web copy – Great home pages: talk TO your prospects
  2. Explain what your ideal prospect needs most right now, and
  3. Explain how your services are perfectly suited to their needs –  Connecting with your ideal customers on your home page
  4. Provide a clear way for them to work with you – A clear path to working with more customers
  5. Include a signup form to capture the emails of your website visitors – Stay in touch to make the sale

If you have a website and are unsure if your home page is working hard enough, give us a call at the Mighty Little Web Shop!