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Do you need a push to get your newsletter started? I know I did. When I launched my new website, it took me six months (and a push from my business coach) to kick off my newsletter. I couldn’t decide what to write about and, while I’m pretty comfortable with technology, I wasn’t sure about the steps in my signup sequence. The point of today’s message is simple — I understand the hesitations and struggles that come with sending out your first newsletter, so I’m here to share how I started mine, give a little encouragement, and get you that much closer to kick-starting your own!

As an online marketing expert, I know high-quality posts and newsletters can result in more traffic to my website. I just had to pick some topics, share what I know, and send the information out through MailChimp.

 The first thing I did was remind the few dozen people already on my newsletter list that they had signed up (a while back) and thank them again for subscribing. (I have a lead capture on my website). Personally, I don’t add anyone to my list just because they gave me their business card or I happen to have their email address. At Mighty Little Web Shop, we require a double-opt in. It is important to me that everyone on my list really wants my newsletter, because they find value in the weekly articles I write.

 Next, I sat down and brainstormed topics about branding, online marketing, and web design — I created a list of tips I knew would be valuable. Since I’ve been an online marketing expert and website architect for over 15 years, it was easy for me to come up with a lot of topics right off the bat. In Excel, I began filling out my editorial calendar to map out what I would write and post each week.

I find that writing is easiest for me first thing in the morning and I try not to overthink my articles. I just share what I know, make sure it is proofread, and add it to my queue. I try to stay a few weeks ahead. At the end of each newsletter/post, I include a call to action and a brief bio so my readers can get to know us a little better.

For the design of my newsletter, I created a mobile-friendly template with a big, easy to read font (15 px). I designed a very simple, branded banner image and I try to include an eye-catching image in each post that both relates to the topic AND is aesthetically pleasing.

 Although it took a while to get started, I’m thrilled to have finally kick-started my newsletter, Mighty Tips Weekly. My goal is to help small business owners like you with your online marketing so you can attract more clients, while staying top-of-mind as an expert in online marketing.

To kick-start your own newsletter, download our free editorial calendar! If you are waiting until you get a new website to start your newsletter, maybe we can help? Contact us at  [email protected]