Marketing and Sales Associate - Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services

The Mighty Little Web Shop is looking for a full-time, sales and marketing associate (90-day position). This is a paid apprenticeship and a great way to get real-life sales and marketing training, and to add significant experience to your resume. The apprenticeship may progress to a full-time position with our company. 

We are a rapidly-growing digital consultancy in Rockville, MD that builds marketing websites for small business. These custom-designed WordPress websites are designed and engineered to drive leads, increase sales, and improve the top-line revenue for our small business customers. We are experts at marketing. We are innovative pioneers with extensive knowledge of online advertising. We are collaborative spirits and our support of one another shines through in our work. 


MLWS has the following core values

  • Business-driven: Every product, solution, and feature is grounded in proven business strategy and always with the marketing goals of our customers in mind.
  • Team-oriented: We support each other, as a team, to get our work done and to make sure our customers are happy. Our team is like our family, and we treat each other with kindness, integrity and respect. We support each other to solve problems, drive more business, and meet tight deadlines for our customers.
  • Process-driven: Every service we deliver has a process behind it, that is clearly spelled out. Team members are required to follow the established process, and encouraged to iteratively refine and improve the process
  • Ecstatic Customers: Our customers will be our best sales people, and at the end of every engagement we want them to be raving fans about our services. We work together to make this core value a reality every day with every interaction.
  • Solutions-Focused: We figure out solutions to sticky issues, whether easy or hard, and don’t spend time complaining or whining. We collaborate and dig deep to make sure our firm performs brilliantly.
  • Gratitude and Communication: We celebrate our wins, personally and professionally, and take the time to give shout-outs as team members demonstrate our core values with each other, our customers, and our strategic partners. We meet regularly to review and plan, thank each other, and celebrate our wins.

About you

  • You are a digital native, very comfortable in social channels
  • You are well-connected and enjoy spending time at social events
  • You have experience presenting in front of groups (and you enjoy this activity)
  • You are friendly and outgoing
  • You have a degree in some form of marketing or communications
  • You are meticulous and have good follow through skills
  • You are able to manage your time effectively and focus
  • You are not afraid of technology, and know a little HTML/CSS and WordPress (or are willing to learn)

A few of the benefits of working on the MLWS team

  • You will receive thorough training in how we do things around here, in speaking, and in how we help our customers, so you understand what you are marketing and selling (and why it helps small businesses).
  • We provide flexible-scheduling and can work with you to accommodate major life events.
  • Because we are a company who is driven by our core values, we enjoy the benefits of a productive and supportive work environment. Your performance will be regularly measured against these core values, rather than random measures.
  • We offer a degree of flexible scheduling, to accommodate your personal needs.
  • The work we do changes the lives of our customers, as we equip them for success in their businesses, and you get to celebrate their successes as well as our own.
  • The strength of our growing business is dependent on the strength and happiness of our team. We believe that if we take good care of you, that you will take good care of our customers. So we strive to take good care of you, and our entire team.
  • We allow a great deal of independence in decision-making and problem solving, yet require that decisions are made within the context of our core values.
  • We provide very strong sales and marketing support, in a friendly and helpful environment.

Key Activities: 

  • Marketing: Implementing and executing marketing campaigns online and in print under the direction of the President. Following up with past prospects (following an established/evolving sales process).
  • Networking: Identifying and attending networking events filled with perfect prospects, and converting them to customers.
  • Speaking/presenting: [future, in an apprentice or permanent position, when you are ready] Under the direction, and with the help of the president: prepare and present a signature speech at local learning events that we identify as filled with perfect prospects.
  • Working a sales funnel and a CRM: Setting followup tasks, and tracking prospect interactions — maintaining a solid customer database and running a keep-in-touch and referral campaign.

To apply for our marketing position, please provide a resume and a cover letter that includes the following:

  • Share an incident that shows how you have demonstrated three of our core values (above) in your interaction with a friend, colleague, or family member within the last year. (Hint: your ability to write well will be considered a key job requirement).
  • Briefly describe your ideal job situation (full time/part time; onsite/telecommute or a blend; heavy supervision or independence; in an office vs. out and about; big firm vs. small office). Where do you see yourself in five years? ten years?
  • Provide a salary range that you would consider acceptable.
  • Provide an ideal start date.
  • Share any other special skills, interests or education that might be relevant to this position.
  • Provide three professional or educational references: name, phone number, and how you were connected with this person so we have them when we need them.