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Online Marketing Jam Sessions

Wondering what to do next to bring in new business?

Sometimes you need a fresh (and expert) set of eyes to look at what you’ve been doing and figure out your next best marketing investment.

Should you niche? Do you need a sales page or a new website? Will Email Marketing work for your business? What other opportunities exist right now for online marketing that you should be taking advantage of?  During our 2-hour jam session we will talk about the most effective ways to attract, inform and engage new customers,  and how these fit with your current business and marketing strategy. Topics could include

  1. Your brand identity — Visual Design Review
  2. Your current website — Web Strategy Review
  3. Your niche — Business Strategy Review
  4. Your value proposition — Marketing Strategy Review
  5. Your mission and core values — Brand Messaging Review
  6. Your SEO, content strategy and social media channels — Online footprint review

Price: $525 for a 2-hour session.
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