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You could have the best-looking website around, but a pretty design isn’t enough to grow your business. You also need to attract the right people to your website. If would-be customers can’t find you when they search in Google, then they will land on your competitors website instead. Whether or not people will find your website is based on whether you have invested in SEO services. SEO services are also called “Search Engine Optimization” services. Search engines are machines that don’t care about your web “design” or a big photograph. Search engines understand your website and rank it based on the words on your site.

And not only are words important to search engines like Google and Bing, keep in mind that if you miss the mark on the messaging on your website, you can miss the sale. We craft persuasive, client-focused marketing content, with an eye towards SEO. Even if you are not ready for a new website, we can work with you to refresh your page content, boost your SEO and launch your new blog!

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