WordPress 4.5 "Coleman" released - Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services

In spring 2016, the team over at WordPress released the latest update known as “Coleman,” named after legendary jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. WordPress is constantly getting easier and more powerful to help streamline your workflow!

Some of the improvements include:

Better previews: Now you can see how your website will look on a phone and a tablet, right from your dashboard! From the left side of your dashboard, choose “appearance”, then “customize”. In the bottom of the left column, you can click on the icons. No more having to grab your phone to check it out!

Easier linking: Just click on the add-a-link icon from the toolbar above your text, and a box appears for you to type or paste in a link, keeping your cursor in place so you can make edits more quickly. TIP: Cross linking pages of your website is great for SEO!

You know those horizontal lines you sometimes see that separate paragraphs (like the one below)? Another fun shortcut is that you can add one of these horizontal lines by simply typing three or more dashes. Add a line to separate your page into logical sections and make it easier to understand.

Always looking to simplify and streamline your experience, WordPress comes through with flying colors with its latest update!