WordPress Categories vs. Tags: What's the difference? - Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services

I hear confusion about how to classify posts all the time! So here is one way of thinking about this great WordPress feature:

Think of categories as a table of contents of your blog. In a cookbook this might look like:

  • breakfast
  • lunch 
  • appetizer
  • dinner
  • dessert  

So categories are big, broad categories related to your business. For a therapy practice, this might be psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, child therapy, and group therapy for instance. This is YOUR filing system for the services that you deliver, very broadly.  

Think of tags as an index of your blog. In a cookbook this might look like: 

  • Vegan
  • Chicken
  • Kid-friendly

Tags can cross many categories and help people search on specific topics.

The beauty of categorizing and tagging post articles is that you can then organize and display articles in useful ways, as you post more often. It really is worth the time you put in to think about how to organize this “content”.