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WordPress Maintenance Services

Website Technical Updates Program

WordPress websites need technical updates regularly or they become more vulnerable to getting hacked. Many website owners do not have a tech person on their team and could use help to manage these updates, keeping their plugins current and managing their security certificates.

That’s where the Mighty team comes in! Here is how we help:

  • WordPress updates: We take care of WordPress software updates — every month.
  • Plugin updates: Whenever WordPress updates its software, plugins need to be updated too. We update the plugins and address any minor issues that arise from these updates.
  • Downtime detection: We will know immediately when your website is down and can help you figure out the necessary steps to bring it back up.
  • Priority support: Websites are never “finished.” When you are ready for help with blogging, web strategy, replacing unsupported plugins, fixing a hack, new website features, and design updates, you will receive priority scheduling and support.

Plus as a member, you are eligible for a free 30-minute web strategy call twice yearly! You can ask questions about your site, or we can talk about ways to market smarter.

Service Fees

  • Monthly WordPress technical updates — $150/month.
  • Monthly WordPress technical updates + one support ticket every month — $250/month
  • Monthly maintenance + two support tickets every month — $350/month

Program members are auto-billed monthly at the start of each 30 days. A support ticket includes updates such as adding plugins, taking care of your text updates, adding your latest blog post text and photo, simple graphic design services, or adding a new page to your website. Support tickets are managed during normal business hours. You may withdraw from the program at any time with 30-day notice by calling 301 933 4062.